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Sky Sports watchalong for The Football Social

The Football Social watchalong for the UCL Quarter-Finals featuring premier league teams Liverpool and Manchester City was powered by Reactoo’s Cloud Studio.

Host Joe Tomlinson and guests Zac Djellab & Sam Obaseki watched Liverpool versus Madrid and Dortmund versus Man City in the thrilling UEFA Champions League quarter finals. The watchalong was streamed to The Football Daily YouTube channel where the presenters engaged with fans answering questions and discussing score predictions put into the live chat function creating a dynamic and memorable show.

The Reactoo cloud studio allowed the presenters to connect via webcam and watch the games together in sync while being live vision mixed, all within one technology. This is a step forward for how watchalongs have been traditionally produced where presenters would usually need to rely on their TV or OTT broadcast while being connected on a webcam via a second screen.

To watch the full live reaction watchalong, click here.

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