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Reactoo releases new “Green Room” functionality for video wall production in the cloud

Reactoo’s new Green Room functionality streamlines the preparation of complex, multi-guest productions & provides producers with sophisticated communication tools to engage with participants.

The Reactoo team is excited to announce the release of our new Green Room functionality for our Video Wall production in the cloud. The Green Room is a private environment that allows production teams to manage & brief guests ahead of them going live on a video wall. 

Reactoo’s new Virtual Green Room functionality streamlines behind-the-scenes communication between remote producers and participants, ensuring every broadcast is high quality.

Up to 30 guests can enter the Virtual Green Room from their computer browser or mobile device. Producers can speak to individuals or all participants at once so they can prepare participants and address any technical issues before moving them onto the live video wall to deliver a more polished and professional final output.

The Virtual Green Room also provides visual cues that inform participants when they are in the green room or on the video wall so they are aware when they’re camera is live and when it isn’t. Smart audio controls automatically mute guests when they are moved to the video wall and unmute guests when they are selected by the producer to speak, ensuring a seamless on-air experience. 

For more information on Reactoo’s technology, get in touch by emailing us at hello@reactoo.com 


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